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Ecolabelling Categories Available through Eco-Choice Africa


The following product ecolabel categories are currently available through the Eco-Choice Africa Ecolabelling Programme.

Category Product Detail Number
Personal Products

Shampoos and Soaps

Includes shampoos, hard and liquid soaps, conditioners and other personal soap products ECSA-C01-2012
  Personal Care Products Includes all aerosol-based personal care products ECA-C02-2012
Cleaning Products Laundry Detergents Includes all laundry detergents in powder, liquid or solid form for domestic or commercial use ECA-P01-2012
  Hand Dishwashing Detergents Includes products manufactured for dishwashing by hand intended for domestic or commercial use ECA-P02-2012
  Cleaning Products (General) Includes general surface or sanitary cleaners for domestic or commercial use ECA-P03-2012
  Biological Cleaning Products Includes biologically-based cleaners and degreasing compounds for domestic or commercial use ECA-P05-2012
  Disinfectants and Disinfectant Cleaners Includes disinfectants and disinfectant cleaners for domestic or commercial use ECA-P06-2012
Furnishings Textiles Includes clothing and bedding products; interior textile applications; yarns and fabrics; textile bags and outdoor textile applications ECA-F01-2012
  Furnishings and Fittings Includes office and home furniture from natural, plastics and recycled materials ECA-F02-2012
  Paints and Coatings  Includes all architectural paints and wall coatings for indoor or exterior use  ECA-F03-2012 

The following categories will become available shortly:

Category Product
Paper Products Office Paper Products
  Publishing Paper
  Facial Tissues and Paper Towels
  Toilet Tissue
Recycled Products Recycled or Reclaimed Timber
  Recycled Paper Products
  Recycled Plastic Products
  Recycled Rubber Products
Packaging Food Packaging and Containers
Cleaning Products Machine Washing Detergents
  General Surface Cleaners
Personal Products Hand Sanitisers

All standards applied by Eco-Choice are aligned with international standards developed by members of the Global Ecolabel Network and other respected international standards and Ecolabelling bodies. Where national standards exist in any of the above categories, Eco-Choice will apply such standards wherever they exceed the Eco-Choice standard.

Eco-Choice reserves the right to amend or withdraw any published standard.

Certification of any products is subject to the standard rules and conditions of Eco-Choice Africa.