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The InterContinental Johannesburg Sandton Towers is a 231 room 5-star hotel, located in Sandton, the heart of Johannesburg’s economic hub. The hotel’s heated pool and large gym ensure that guests on the move have access to exercise facilities while the Sandton Sun Spa offers individual attention and a sanctuary from the stress and pressure associated with travelling. Complimentary WiFi throughout the hotel, a boardroom and easy access to some of the city’s best conference facilities all ensure that business travellers have the best facilities at their finger tips. This is further punctuated by the Club Floor, which includes suites and standard rooms and is the perfect option for business travellers who enjoy private breakfasts, complimentary cocktails or require the use of a boardroom. With an all-day dining restaurant on site and access to several other outlets, there is something to suit all dining needs Aside from its convenient location alongside the renowned Sandton Convention Centre, the hotel is also situated adjacent to luxury shopping destinations, Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square.  For those who wish to explore the area, the hotel’s concierge can provide excellent insight into the best tours, activities and heritage sites that the city has on offer.

Environmnetal Management


  • Heat pumps are installed to generate hot water,
  • Operation times of chiller plants and heat pumps are controlled and work on demand
  • In extreme weather conditions: external air is used to cool/heat instead of using air conditioners / machines.
  • Chiller plants use ambient air (from outside) to cool or heat up should outside air be colder than air conditioned air (this is true for hot air as well).
  • Low energy lighting has been installed in the majority of the hotel’s light fittings
  • All corridor lights are fitted with 11w low energy lights and by doing so has resulted in energy saving.
  • Housekeeping get penalised if TVs or air conditioners are switched on during cleaning.
  • Security checks are done for unnecessary air conditioner or lights on during their walkabout.
  • Electronic monitoring of energy consumption is done, which includes SMS warning systems to notify maintenance if some equipment operates out of specification.
  • Lifts save electricity through auto-shut down and "waiting" at various floors to ensure quick access to guest.
  • Unoccupied rooms’ equipment are switched off at source
  • Master switches for independent floors are used to shut off power to these floors in low occupancy
  • Multiple meters are installed in various departments to measure resource usage as well as a BMS and MAC1 system that can monitor and regulate the current consumption requirements.
  • The current air handling units are a fitted variable speed motor which requires less start-up energy.
  • Heat pumps generate hot water for the pool


  • Irrigation is done at night at the various watering stations to reduce evaporation.
  • Low flow shower heads, taps and censors on urinals are installed throughout the property


  • Waste separation is done at the main waste area
  • In room waste separation bins allow guest to assist in separation of waste.
  • Indigenous contend of the gardens are improved as exotic plants reach the end of their life cycles.
  • Indigenous Cycads on the property are licenced.


  • All rooms include tent cards communicate the hotel’s aim to reducing waste and water consumption. They offer the option of leaving towels on the floor for washing or hung up on the rail if guests are happy to keep them for the next day.

Noise Management:

  • Regular measuring via a decibel meter is done to ensure noise impacts are limited

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