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The GreenLine Responsible Tourism Rating ProgrammeŽ enables smaller tourist accommodation establishments of less than twenty rooms, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits associated with being environmentally responsible. It assists in 

  • Reducing your operating expenses through improved management and operational processes;
  • Increases your market share through access to responsible travellers; and
  • Provides you with practical and appropriate environmental management tools for improved efficiency.

The programme measures your ability to practice internationally competitive standards of responsible business and it is benchmarked against national and international guidelines and accepted norms in this field. GreenLineŽ provides recognition on three levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum, each recognising the efforts that you make to improve your overall performance. Through our incremental approach to best practice, the GreenLine ProgrammeŽ assists you in identifying your impacts and then to implement appropriate and practical solutions to meet your environmental and social objectives.  This programme is compliant with the South African National Standard for Responsible Tourism.

Qualifying Businesses: Bed & Breakfast Homes; Guest Houses; other accommodation of less than 20 rooms.

To participate in this unique initiative, simply click on the link provided.

Greenline Brochure

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