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Heritage Eco-Events is is a unique initiative designed to recognise meetings, conferences, concerts, sporting events and exhibitions that have been developed and held in a sustainable and responsible manner. The programme has been developed to recognise and encourage responsible and sustainable event management and encourages event organisers and companies to address the environmental impacts that their activities will have.  From resource use to waste, noise, construction material, publications, promotions and visitor or delegate access, each event makes certain demands on the environment and local community and Heritage Eco-Events aims to raise awareness of these and efforts made to mitigate the impacts.  

Heritage Eco-Events measures the extent to which you consider the impacts that events will have on the destination chosen. It considers the strategies and planning that is undertaken to minimise environmental impacts; the products and services select; the transport and accommodation needs of visitors and delegates; efforts that you take to protect the environment, local communities and cultures of the destination and ways in which you encourage and recognise environmental responsibility in general.

This programme offers two levels of certification depending on your needs - Environmentally Responsible Events or Carbon Neutral Events, each of which signifies the extent to which the organisers and participants have committed themselves to the environment.

Certification of an event is more than just a matter of talking about change. It requires visible and demonstrable commitment to the goals of responsible business practice, and to the long-term sustainable development of the destinations you select.

Heritage Eco-Events has been the selected partner for a number of signifficant events in South AFrica including Govtech; AFROSAI; INCOSAI; INDABA; The Nebank Golf Challenge and more.

Qualifying Activities: Meetings; Conferences; Exhibitions; Sporting Events

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