Fairways Programme








The Fairways Golf Course Rating Programme® has been developed to provide operators of all types of golf-based businesses an effective environmental management system (EMS) designed to reduce and limit the impact that their operations have on their environment. Fairways have been developed to recognise and implement the standards of some of the most well-known international programmes in a three-tiered approach to sustainable and responsible operations. Fairways represents Africa?s first golf facility certification programme and participating businesses choose to associate with the brand in order to demonstrate their environmental commitment. The programme incorporates systems and standards from initiatives such as Audubon International©; Committed to Green© and the USAF Golf Course management and a selection of ISO 9000, 14001 and 18000.

The Fairways Programme® offers an opportunity for golf-based businesses to change the way in which they interact with their environment?both natural and with community, with a practical, hands-on approach to resource, social and environmental management that delivers financial returns while at the same time, positioning your business internationally as ?environmentally responsible?. Although many businesses see environmental compliance as a burden on current administration, consideration must be given to the current growing demand, legal compliance and increase awareness within the market.

?Those that show initiative and commitment now will see the world chase after them?

Qualifying Businesses: Golf Courses; Mashee Courses, Residential Golf Estates; Polo Clubs

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