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The Green Business® Programme is a powerful marketing tool which reinforces your company's environmental commitment. It strengthens your point-of-sale impact and gives your company greater credibility in an increasingly eco-aware marketplace. Because the Green Business® Programme provides an independent third-party certification, it recognises that companies certified by Green Business® conform to specific South African or International environmentally responsible business standards. 

An on-going environmental management strategy by organisations is an essential part of the Green Business® Programme and a clear endorsement that your company is dedicated to environmentally responsible operating standards. There are many reasons why businesses and organisations offering services or products into the South African marketplace should be awarded Green Business status:


  • You get real product differentiation, resulting in greater revenue and recognition from an increasingly selective market.
  • Independent certification provides assurance to the public that your company is operated and managed in an environmentally responsible manner and associating with your commitment provides peace of mind and respect.
  • You are proud of your services. Having your company independently audited and certified proves that you care about the impacts your services and operations have and that you have achieved environmentally responsible operating objectives.

Although many businesses see environmental compliance as a burden on current administration, consideration must be given to the current growing demand, legal compliance and increase awareness within the market.

?Those that show initiative and commitment now will see the world chase after them?

Qualifying Businesses: Any non-manufacturing business

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