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The Heritage Green Retail programme is an environmental rating initiative available to retail and service-based companies to indicate and certify their environmentally responsible standards of operation. Participating businesses commit themselves to a series of environmental commitments, objectives and goals and depending on their situation, may receive recognition at one of three levels of environmental responsibility. The programme is largely based on the ISO14001 standards however some elements of 9000 and 18000 are also incorporated to provide a more encompassing system. Unlike ISO requiring compliance after implementations, the Heritage Green Retail Programme provides for an incremental approach towards environmental responsibility therefore ensuring that the business can be certified without spending or allocating vast amounts of resources.

Green Retail is an environmental management system for all retail and service-type businesses, which provides three levels of recognition (Silver; Gold; Platinum).  The system incorporates elements that include health and safety; environmental legislation; development and implementation, operational documentation and a process of continuous improvement.   Unlike other EMS strategies, Green Retail includes programmes for staff awareness and community development.

Although many businesses see environmental compliance as a burden on current administration, consideration must be given to the current growing demand, legal compliance and increase awareness within the market.

?Those that show initiative and commitment now will see the world chase after them?

Qualifying Businesses: All retail-based businesses; Shopping Centres

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