Touch Africa Lightly








The touch Africa lightly® campaign has been developed in an effort to raise awareness of the impacts that tourists and tourism in general have on the continent of Africa. The campaign hopes to galvanise public and government commitment to more responsible tourism practice, from individual travel habits and practices to the way in which the countries, destinations and regions across the continent are marketed and promoted.


The objectives of the campaign are: 

 To bring about greater awareness of the environmental impacts associated with travel within Africa;  


  • To raise consciousness about the way in which the continent and its peoples benefit from tourism;
  • To improve the way in which travellers experience Africa and its diversity;
  • To change the way in which the continent is sold, packaged and represented internationally; and
  • To influence the way in which governments, tourism agencies and organisations manage and protect the natural, cultural and social heritage of the continent for the benefit of future generations.
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