Tour Operators Charter








The Tour Operators? Charter® has been developed to recognise environmentally responsible practice by travel professionals. The performance criteria that have been established reflect a number of key elements of business practice and the Global Reporting (GR3) Standards. These include:

  • The Tour Operator and the Environment
  • Product Management and Development
  • Business Associates, Suppliers and Service Providers
  • Operational Management Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Destination Management
  • Community Relations

The performance criteria are aimed at obtaining certain information on the Member?s performance both in terms of their operating and management systems and of their impacts on the environment, communities and cultures as a result of their product selection and operations. Applicants are required to complete an extensive questionnaire that covers all of the criteria in terms of the life-cycle of travel experiences. The performance criteria address the eight elements of the modern travel industry and each addresses the environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects of the business itself.

Members of The Tour Operators? Charter® are expected to encourage, develop and support more responsible tourism-based businesses, products and services, and in so doing, contribute to a cleaner, more carting and sustainable industry.

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