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The Heritage Zoos and Aquaria Rating ProgrammeŽ has been developed to provide operators of all types of zoos, aquariums and even botanic gardens with an effective environmental management system (EMS) designed to reduce and limit the impact that their operations have on their environment.

The programme was introduced and tested extensively to ensure that our standards met local, national and international best practice for this type of facility. The lessons learnt have positioned Heritage as the pre-eminent environmental management system in this field in Africa with standards generally exceeding those in countries such as the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. In addition it includes the South African National Standards for Zoo and Aquarium practice (SANS 10379:2005) and the WAZA recommendations of 2005.

Heritage provides an opportunity for zoos and aquariums to change the way in which they interact with their environment?both natural and human, with a practical, hands-on approach to resource management that delivers financial returns while at the same time, positions your facility internationally as ?environmentally responsible?.

Qualifying Businesses: Zoological Gardens; Aquariums; Botanical Gardens

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