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The Heritage Environmental Management Company is a proud member of the Event Greening Forum, Africa's first green event organisation dedicated to the promotion and recognition of events, conferences and meetings that have been developed, planned and held with the environment in mind.

Green events, including conferences, meetings, sporting events and other opportunities for people to get together are the new way of doing business.  As consumerism and corporate responsibility becomes stronger, meeting professionals and event organisers are realising that they can no longer continue to plan, hold and manage events as usual.  But where do you begin?


This section is dedicated to those looking to reduce the impact of events and meetings of all sizes. While you may not necessarily want your event certified, we believe that by adopting some of the principles in this section will help achieve a cleaner and more responsible industry.   Some of the material is intended to inspire, while others are there to guide and assist in making your events, meetings and conferences less impactful on local communities and the earth.

We have provided a number of resources for your convenience.  Not all of these are Heritage documents and we would like to thank those whose material has been used as a resource to others.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Guidelines to help golf event organisers host environmentally responsible golfing events. The simple steps have been developed by the Scottish Golf Union towards achieving sustainability and can equally assist venue managers and event organisers for other sporting events.


Compiled by Heritage

This guide from the US EPA provides information gathered from organisers of environmentally

aware meetings and special events around the United States. In this guidebook, environmentally aware meetings and events are those planned in such a way as to eliminate, reduce, or recycle waste.

Guidelines for recycling at mass participant sporting events compiled by AFM inc, the manufacturers of Heatsheets®

A survey and report by Exhibitor Magazine on the movement towards greener exhibitions in the United States.

A guide to simple greening initiatives for green events

This manual is a distillation of the experience of organizers of the 1995 Hamilton G-7 Environment Summit and the 1995 Halifax Economic Summit. It is intended as a practically oriented, clear, yet authoritative, guide to measures which can be implemented to ensure that a meeting, regardless of its size, is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

A guide to reducing the environmental impacts of conferences and events, published by the Government Office of the South West and Envirowise (UK)


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