With lions, elephants, giraffes and other roaming wildlife in a diverse and dramatically beautiful landscape, with endless white sand beaches overlooking the stunning Indian Ocean, and the most fascinating blend of cultures from Maasai warriors to Arab traders, Tanzania is one of the most exciting destinations in the world.  Over the past 20 years, Tanzania has emerged to be one of Africa’s most dynamic and popular travel destinations. Its lands encompass a staggering natural variety complemented by the warm hospitality of the people. Tanzania has become well known for its political stability within the region, and this has significantly helped to promote the ever growing tourism industry.  Tanzania is a country which encompasses an extraordinary history and an abundance of natural wonders; therefore it is no surprise Tanzania has eight World Heritage Sites. These chosen sites are a fundamental reminder why interaction between people and nature must achieve a balance of preservation and conservation between the two.

Consensus scientific opinion places human origins in the Great Rift Valley, which dominates the landscape of much of East Africa. Northern Tanzania’s Olduvai Gorge has provided rich evidence of the area's prehistory, including fossil remains of some of humanity's earliest ancestors. Interior Tanzania’s great cultural and linguistic diversity is due to the various histories of migrations from elsewhere in the region. In some instances, groups of migrants separated, leading to different cultural developments. In other cases, various groups merged, creating new cultural identities and languages.

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