Small and Micro Partners

Heritage Supports Entrepreneurs and Small Business

In line with our commitment to developing a greener, and more responsible economy in general, Heritage is proud to associate with companies and organisations that through their own efforts are committed to the same objectives.  The Heritage Affiliate Member category recognises small and micro businesses that strive to provide environmentally responsible services or products, and which subscribe to the Heritage Responsible Business Charter. Our Associates apply recognised standards of responsible business practice and their operational activities reflect current best practice in the fields of water, energy waste, corporate social responsibility and community empowerment.

Should you want to support a small and micro businesses please consider the following;

CLEAN CUT TRADING CC - There principal business is recycling of bond paper into what they call ‘Clean Notes’.

CAR GREEN - CAR CLEAN (PTY) LTD - They offer a mobile Car Wash facility utilising non-toxic, biodegradable products and methods, that result in substantial water savings.

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