Green Events

The international demand for environmentally responsible products and services has affected almost all sectors of our economy and growing awareness of the impacts of global warming has created challenges for companies seeking to expand their market share.

Meetings, conventions, exhibitions and events in general have not escaped this international trend and more and more organisers, meeting planners, exhibitors, delegates and visitors are beginning to question the impacts that this sector has on the environment.  This demand has created a need for a greener approach to the planning and operation of events and over the past few years, the certification of events as ‘Green’ or ‘Carbon Neutral’.

The Heritage Environmental Management Programme is one of the more successful environmental rating initiatives in Africa – and one of the leading programmes worldwide.  Launched in 2001, Heritage is now practiced and managed across 145 hotels, resorts and lodges across southern Africa and it has been expanded to recognise and certify the environmental performance of sectors such as Zoos and Aquaria and non-manufacturing business sector.  The success that we have had in this field, and the demand we have experienced for more responsible practice across the business sector has led to the development of our latest service, Heritage Eco Events.

Heritage Eco-Events offers an internationally benchmarked programme for companies, organisers or coordinators that are looking to certify their events as either ‘Green’ or ‘Carbon Neutral’.  The programme provides hands-on support and guidance in establishing the most effective and appropriate strategies necessary to reduce and mitigate the impacts that an event may have.  It addresses every aspect of the event, from concept to launch and post-event to ensure that every possible step has been taken to make the event as responsible as possible.

Green events attract a more responsible delegate or visitor and by their very nature, they become newsworthy.  They provide a valuable endorsement of a company’s environmental and corporate social commitment and they create opportunities for a range of emerging products and services to become involved.  By going green, the event and its organisers are perceived as responsible citizens and they leave delegates, visitors and clients with invaluable insight into the challenges facing our world.

As an important role-player in this sector, we would like to encourage your clients to consider the greener approach to their future events. Our team of professionals provide a complimentary service to your company and we are available to support, guide and encourage compliance at all levels of your planning process.  Most importantly, we are able to position your company as a purveyor of world-class, environmentally responsible event management services.

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